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Applied Kinesiology in Peachtree City

Dr. Philip treating patient with Applied KinesiologyApplied Kinesiology (AK) is a holistic health care technique that stands out as a comprehensive approach to assess and correct imbalances within the body. Dr. Philip and Dr. Casey integrate AK into their practice to provide our patients with custom care for their structural, chemical, and mental aspects of health.

Manual Testing as a Diagnostic Tool

Applied Kinesiology uses manual muscle testing as a diagnostic tool to evaluate the functioning of various systems within the body. Central to AK is the concept of the triad of health, which recognizes the connection between structural, chemical, and mental components in determining overall well-being.

By identifying and addressing imbalances within this triad, AK practitioners help alleviate symptoms of dis-ease, whether they manifest as pain, dysfunction, or other disorders.

The care our patients receive is as diverse as the issues that each patient comes in to address. From specific joint manipulation and myofascial therapies to cranial techniques and meridian acupressure points, AK offers a holistic toolbox for promoting healing and restoration.

By targeting the underlying imbalances, patients are able to reclaim their health and vitality naturally.

Applied Kinesiology Offers Great Benefits

At Crane Chiropractic & Applied Kinesiology, we view Applied Kinesiology not as a separate service but as an integral component of our evaluation and treatment methods. Whether you’re seeking relief from pain, improved athletic performance, or holistic wellness, it guides our approach to addressing your unique needs and concerns. By including the power of AK alongside chiropractic care and other modalities, we help our patients achieve optimal health and vitality.

Applied Kinesiology is very versatile and adapts to a wide range of health concerns. Athletes, from high school competitors to seasoned professionals, often seek AK for its ability to optimize muscular function and enhance performance. However, it’s not limited to the athletic realm; individuals with digestive issues, allergies, phobias, and other health challenges may also benefit from its integrative approach to wellness.

Achieve Great Outcomes and Improve Wellness

Want to learn more about the benefits of Applied Kinesiology? Schedule an appointment today with Crane Chiropractic & Applied Kinesiology and discover how AK could enhance your body’s innate healing potential.


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